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  2. Elements of the Light Body
  3. Thomas Aquinas (1224/6—1274)
  4. Deep hyperspace immersion

We chose to be part of the ascension process and the ascension of the living Gaia. We channel inward great flows of cosmic divine energy with the capacity to direct this light outward through directed meditative thought for the highest good. By unifying our energies in synchronized ecstatic states we form a powerful light vortex. This energy can cleanse, brighten, energize and activate each one of us, according to our intent and flow. Our intent is light of the highest order, transferred to the new grid, the new crystal matrix of Gaia…the Crystal vibration.

The exercise for energy connection, transferal and activation of the ascension grid is as follows:. If this is done at a sacred site, powerpoint or grid point, visualize receiving this energy and then connecting it through your heart to other sacred sites, and back into the Ascension grid. Visualize weaving the vertice points of the geodesic sphere.

Through our creation and transfer of diamond-light, joyous energy into the Crystalline Ascension Grid, we simultaneously activate ourselves to be in oneness, alignment and in frequential unity with the heightened energy of ascension. As such we are better enabled to flow with the quickening energies of the ascending planet. We become loving, channeling columns of light, we connect as one synergetic beam of ecstasy. Each participant is a vortex, a point of light on the globe, one with another, one with the ascension. Creating, co-creating the frequency of the New Planet Earth toward the highest good.

We are a microcosm of the macrocosm, a point of light in the bursting infinity of light. We are love, and are loved. We become part of the , We are the rapture, the ecstasy! So we speak of the Grids, a most timely topic, we will say. Why timely you ask? Now Masters, all of you within the crystalline energy are extreme energy in motion, energy as desire expressing itself and so your work calls forth now a finer frequency. Imagine that if you will take vitamins for your body they must be put so they can be absorbed by the body so they can be well used, they can generate wellness, well being, and health and so it is the same with frequencies and energies.

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They must now surround you in ways that you can absorb them into your energy fields, transferring them, converting them, and amplifying them into your own work, into your desires, into your fulfillment and into all ways that touch brother, sister, humanity, brother, sister, kingdom and such and so these words are brought to you from the beginning from the center of your being, from the center of my being that they will touch energetically and so create themselves easily, fortuitously in the days and weeks that come.

Such it is with the grid you see, it too is a system that will allow you nurturing into a higher resonance, a higher more fulfilling resonance. For that that you call the Ascension is upon you, and in but a wink of the cosmic eye it will be done! In my realm it has been done already you see, and indeed it is a wondrous event. One heralded throughout the Universe and observed by many on this realm and others.


So it does again in the planetary Trinity of the Crystalline Grid. Now the channel speaks of the crystalline grid making its debut after the Harmonic Convergence. That is not exactly the case, you see the crystalline grid has always been there in parallel and probability…so, it is that mankind achieved the potential to sense the crystalline grid more lucidly after the Harmonic Convergence. You see, humankind and the planet are evolving into the crystalline vibration. Yes, indeed, to ascend, Dear Ones, your frequency, your merkaba is required to evolve into the crystalline, and this is occurring as we speak.

Elements of the Light Body

So the matched frequencies resonate harmonically and so as this occurs individually and planetary you gain access to this grid. You tap into it, in your terms, and it activates you and itself in the process.

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All around you there is energy, there is life taking place but if you are not in sync with this frequency you will not sense it. The propeller blades of your helicopters rotate so quickly in flight that you cannot see them, but they are indeed there. If you were also moving or rotating as quickly they would be quite visible to you, and in fact not appear to be moving so rapidly. And so it is with frequency with lines of energy it is the same. The channel queries the geometries of the trinity grid system. We confirm the geometries: the dodecahedron, icosahedron and double penta-dodecahedron, or as you term it the Crystal, a term most appropriate we will say.

However you must know that the very shape of each defines its frequential quotient, and as such its dimensional span. Dimensions are defined by wavelength or frequency you see. You required the higher frequency for the planet to move higher, thus the access to the Crystalline became a necessity, a graduation. In aspect, the grids reside in different frequencial space, different dimensions, although there is common ground in which they all share.

Do you understand? The Crystal grid is at present only potentially accessibly as mankind achieves the frequential capability of operating in its harmonic. This occurs initially on an individual basis, and as it gains field, it will occur in more mass consciousness upshifts. This is why, as the Crystal presents itself, some of you are already in the fourth and fifth, and others are not.

The masses are not. But it is not that it is required for existence, you see, others will not choose to ascend, but they will not disappear or die off. There are other opportunities based upon sacred geometry that supports third dimensional life and it will continue to do so.

The grids fit into the dimensional encapsulation of the planet, in an interesting harmonic. Dimensionally speaking, the gravity grid dodecahedron extends from the first dimension to just below the third dimension, and is generally located below the surface of the planet.

Thomas Aquinas (1224/6—1274)

The icosahedron electromagnetic grid is the geodesic sphere, most closely aligned to the planets surface. The Crystalline Grid extends from the fourth dimension to the ninth. Now the channel believes that the crystalline grid extends to the 12th dimension. We tell you that above the ninth it changes form and extends to the 12th in another geometric form.

Deep hyperspace immersion

You see geometry is relative to the dimensional frequency from which it is viewed. From your perspective the crystalline does appear to move into the 12th, but in truth it does so with a different geometry, the polyhedron The polyhedron grid contains the , within its composition. The dodecahedron, the icosahedron and Crystalline double-pentadodecahedron do not spin, do not rotate.

And each of the greater complex grid geometries contains the one below it. Now while from dimensions one to nine, the grids do not spin, above the 9th the Polyhedron does grid does indeed spin ,in what is termed the golden ellipsoid, relative to the creation frequency of the golden phi.

In your universe the golden ratio is of utmost importance. This geometry and frequency will not come into a major role on your planet for some years, and the exact timing is yet to be known. But we ask the channel not to be confused by the numerical value of its name, and assume is lower than You see the Polyhedron has a greater frequency, the geometry of , so perhaps we should with tongue in cheek, call it the Polyhedron.

Would that make it easier then? Now the channel has asked if the Earth was on a pattern of termination prior to the Harmonic Convergence. That is correct, it was prophesized by many.

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However, it is not that the Earth was patterned for destruction prior to the Harmonic measurement, the Earth would have survived, inverted and recreated itself, it was patterned simply to become a different entity. Humanity that was slated for termination and not the Earth you see. A meteor crashing into the earth with a diameter of over 1 kilometer, would indeed have made wiped out most of humankind, and made the planet uninhabitable.

Now the Earth is a living entity, and has been conscious in all of her forms.